Welcome to my pantry

Pantry view as you walk in

I love my kitchen, but my pantry is a special place. This is no ordinary pantry. This space is my little slice of heaven. It inspires me to cook, inspires me to eat and it provides a place for Momma to hide away when needed! Ha!

sink and cabinet in my pantry

When it came to designing this pantry, my husband and I played with several ideas, but one thing was clear, we wanted to combine the idea of a buttler’s pantry and a regular pantry along with a “baking room”.

I knew I wanted a place to call my own, a “She shed” per say, but we wanted it to be a place that will also provide a service for us. I wanted to be able to actually cook and bake in it.

books on the shelf in my pantry

This pantry offers just that. My cooking books are properly displayed, part of my cake stand collection is displayed as well. It is also home to several family heirlooms that mean the world to me. For example, my God Mother’s Cuckoo Clock, or my Abuela’s porcelain pieces.

decorative piece in my pantry

It has two ovens (cooking for a crowd just got easier!) and it has a sink.

Of course I cook in our normal kitchen, but this space fills me with joy. I am so grateful and “Over the moon”, excited to call it my own. I only hope to be able to share my inspiration and love for cooking with others through this special pantry.

my pantry wall with kitchenmaids