About Sabrina Markin

Hi! My name is Sabrina Markin. My friends and family call me Sabri for short. Since we are about to become like family, you can call me Sabri too!

I was born and raised in beautiful Costa Rica. My family is Cuban from my dad’s side (plus Italian and Spanish) and 100% Costarican from my mom’s side. It’s 23andme.com confirmed, I can show you!

I met my husband Brad in Costa Rica back in 2005, got married in 2007 and moved to the United States in 2011. We have two crazy and beautiful girls, Emma and Mia and two perfect little dogs, Wesley and Steven.

I have two passions in life – Cooking and tennis. I started playing tennis 6 years ago and fell completely in love with it. I’ve always been competitive but had no idea I could get so fired up about a ball going over a net! Since I’m a bit late to the game, and becoming a pro is no longer an option (LOL), I signed up to play in a women’s league along with my best friend Kelly. We practice and play like our lives depend on it, but hey, my life does depend on it. That is because it keeps me sane and healthy!

Now, cooking…Well, cooking to me is pretty much everything. Cooking gives me joy and peace, but most of all, it allows me to show my love to those I feed.

I’m a self taught home cook. Most of my cooking I learned from my sister, Melisa, and watching Food Network! Don’t worry though, I have plenty to share with you!

As we begin our cooking adventure together, you’ll see that my technique isn’t perfect, and my recipe measurements might suggest a “pinch” instead of a 1/4 teaspoon. That’s the fun part, though. We cook by feel, and we cook with love for those we love.

Sometimes cooking is intimidating and I want to show people how to embrace it, and use their “feel”. With a little push in that direction, they can become more comfortable in the kitchen and hopefully get some of the joy that I do from cooking.

So now that you have the gist on me, let’s get cooking!