Vanilla Sugar Bomb Cookies

Yes that is exactly what this cookie is, a sugar bomb! When it comes to the sweetness level, this one is not for the faint of heart.

I will always choose vanilla or caramel over chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chocolate, but vanilla is where my heart is. If you are a vanilla person, these cookies will be make you oh so happy!

Imagine a buttery perfect sugar cookie filled with the most decadent sugar vanilla fudge inside. The fudge is what my fellow Costaricans would call “cajeta”. It is condensed milk, flavored with vanilla paste and cooked slowly until is has reduced and thickened into the most luscious almost caramel-fudge-like consistency. I mean, look at this beauty!

fudge oozing out of sugar cookie

I make these cookies in two steps. The fudge is made ahead as it needs to be frozen so it is easier to mold and put in the cookie. Sometimes, I make it a day ahead so it can freeze overnight, and the cookies are mixed and baked the day after.

How I made these Vanilla Sugar Bomb Cookies:

the ingredients needed for my vanilla sugar bomb cookies

For the fudge: 

In a medium to small sauce pan, on medium-low heat, melt 1 tablespoon of butter and add the entire can of condensed milk. Cook the mixture for 5-6 minutes stirring constantly.

Tip! If the mixture starts to stick a bit to the bottom of the pan, remove from heat to regulate it. Keep stirring then return to heat.

Once the mixture has thickened up and the color has become a light tan, turn the heat off and add the vanilla paste. You know it’s thick when you can stir it making a “canal” and the sides remains separated like the picture below.

Fudge thickening enough to leave a canal

Tip! You can use vanilla extract instead of vanilla paste. The vanilla paste has tiny specs that look so nice, which is why I prefer it!

Pour the entire mixture into a bowl and allow it to cool for at least 35 minutes.

fudge cooling in a bowl for my fudge filled vanilla cookies

Once the fudge is cooled, spray a tiny ice cream scooper (about 1 tablespoon measuring spoon) with non stick spray and start scooping out the fudge. Roll each scoop into a smooth ball and place on a flat plate.

nonstick spray for ice cream scooper
fudge being scooped
fudge scooped on plate
fudge scooped on plate

Once the entire mixture has been scooped, place the plate in the freezer.

Freeze the fudge balls over night or for a minimum of 4 hours.

fudge balls in freezer

For the cookies:

Preheat the oven to 350°.

In the bowl of a stand mixer using a paddle attachment, beat the butter on medium speed for about 1 minute until it becomes airy and lighter in color.

Add the sugar and beat for 1 more minute.

Add the egg plus the extra egg yolk. Beat for 1 more minute. Add the vanilla paste and mix in. 

Tip! Every time an ingredient gets added to the mixture, scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing bowl. This allows all ingredients to be evenly incorporated.

While the butter, sugar and eggs are being beaten, sift the flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt into a separate bowl.

Tip! When it comes to measuring flour, fluff it out by using a whisk or a spoon or a scooper, or toss the flour around in its container so it is not compact. When you measure it in the measuring cup, do not pack it down. Instead, allow it to be fluffy and remove the excess flour on the top by scrapping the top of the measuring cup, not by packing the flour into the measuring cup.

Remove the fudge balls from the freezer.

Tip! Getting the fudge out of the freezer a few minute before using them, allows them to be a bit more manageable.

Add the flour mixture and beat until just incorporated.

Remove the mixing bowl from the mixer and using a spatula, scrape the bottom of the bowl and finish incorporating the flour.

cookie dough

Place the remaining sugar into a bowl.

Set up a working station with the cookie dough, the fudge balls, and the extra sugar in a bowl.

work station for assembly of the cookies

Using a mini ice cream scooper (or a tablespoon) scoop out one scoop of cookie dough.

cookie dough scoop in hand

Place a fudge ball on top of the cookie dough.

fudge ball on top of cookie dough

Scoop out a second cookie dough ball and place on top of the fudge.

cookie dough on top of fudge ball

Roll into a ball and roll the entire sugar cookie dough ball into the remaining sugar.

cookie dough ball rolled in sugar

Repeat forming the cookie balls with the rest of the mixture.

Place cookies in a cookie sheet lined with a silicone mat or parchment paper. Spray with non stick spray and arrange them with enough room between each other so they don’t touch while they bake. About 2-3 inches apart is enough.

cookies lined up on baking sheet

Bake the cookies for 22 minutes until the edges are golden and starting to get tan.

cookies baking

Tip! Sometimes ovens are temperamental and the deep side of the oven cooks faster. So if that’s the case with your oven, turn the cookies around half way through the cooking process so they can brown evenly.

Remove the baked cookies from the oven. Place them gently on a heat resistant surface and allow them to cool down for 2-3 minutes before touching them.

cookies cooling

Tip! If the freshly baked cookies get “thrown” on to a heat resistant surface, the cookies will deflate. Make sure to place them softly and gently on to a cooling surface.

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